At The Mobile Sophisticate, we take your business’ talent and passion and turn it into a user-friendly platform that resonates with your target audience. As a boutique agency, we understand the importance of being present in a world where everything circles around mobile technology and software development. We develop customized user-friendly mobile apps and software solutions that connect with your customers and keep your brand relevant.

Sharing Our Experience and Passion

With over 20 years of technology experience, we haven’t lost our passion for keeping up with the latest trends. This passion fuels our desire to make the launch process easy and successful. We might be small, but we are fierce in our commitment to leading the way in building apps and software our customers only dream of. As a result, our mobile apps have become regular features on Android’s Google Play and Apple’s App Store and leading technology publications!

In-House Powerhouse

The Mobile Sophisticate creates apps and software solutions with our virtually diverse team. We believe the personal touch lasts from the moment we have first contact with a client until your tech solutions are in the hands of your customers. Nothing ever leaves our team with our no outsourcing allowed policy! Our one-on-one consultations are always with a live member of our expert team, and we guide you through the software development journey until your project is live.

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What’s Your Prototype?

Most of our clients don’t know where to start — they just know they need custom technology with a specific purpose. We take your “big idea” and envision how customers will use your platform with a prototype of your technology. Our team perfects your vision before turning it into a reality, so you save time and money during development. With everything experienced and approved click by click by you, we make sure your ideas are captured in our prototype.

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Apps and Software Development

The biggest mistake you can make? Making mistakes! Following approval for your prototype, we ensure development is smooth sailing. We avoid mistakes because we take the time to walk you through the development process. It goes beyond the technology, with a focus on understanding your target audience to drive how we build your technology. This process allows you to discover the possibilities of growing your business from your phone or tablet. From app tests to pre-launch checklists, The Mobile Sophisticate gets your technology user ready through a rigorous development process.

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Monetizing Your Technology

Your technology solution is designed to help your clients and build your bottom line. From in-app purchase options to subscription level creation to a perfectly primed website with Search Engine Optimization, The Mobile Sophisticate makes the most of your technology through monetization. We believe technology grows businesses and have seen our theory in practice. Any business, large or small, can use technology to create revenue opportunities. Our technical team leads provide the one-on-one service you deserve to make it simple to create the customized software, mobile apps, and websites that will grow your business.

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We offer red carpet treatment for all our services including:

  • One-on-one initial consultations
  • Interactive, hands-on prototypes to reduce errors and ensure your technology meets your vision
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions
  • Website Development for multiple platforms such as WordPress, Shopify and others
  • Website Care Plans
  • Customized Mobile App Development
  • Ongoing support and teaching opportunities with our tech experts throughout the process
  • Ongoing upgrades to meet the changing needs of your customers and to support the latest technology
  • Assistance with adding new features as your business grows