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Laticia Austin Founder & CEO

We dare you to dream it.
                Because we will build it.

We understand the importance of having your company be present in today’s economy centered around mobile technology and software development.

The Mobile Sophisticate is committed to providing clients with the most-effective way to connect with customers through the development of user-friendly mobile apps custom software solutions.

With over 20 years of experience with technology and a passion for learning new trends, we offer super-easy-to-follow instructions for a quick app launch, no matter the experience level.

Our mobile apps get featured on Android’s Google Play and Apple’s App Store!

We Do the Work. We Do It Here.

The Mobile Sophisticate create apps and software solutions in our US-based office — no outsourcing allowed! We speak English, provide one-on-one consultations, and guide our clients throughout the journey to software development and mobile marketplace one click at a time.


Don’t know where to start? Get the “big idea” and envision how customers will use your platform with a prototype of your mobile app. Perfect the vision before turning it into a reality. The Mobile Sophisticate is committed to helping clients save time and money during the development stage. This begins with prototyping.

App & Software Development

Don’t make the mistake of making mistakes. Through development, you’ll learn about your target audience within the marketplace and discover the possibilities of growing your business from your phone or tablet. From app tests to pre-launch checklists, The Mobile Sophisticate gets your app user ready through a rigorous development process.


Help your clients while you help your business build its bottom line. From in-app purchase options to subscription level creation, to Search Engine Optimization. The Mobile Sophisticate makes the most of your mobile app through monetization.

We Believe Technology Grows Businesses!


Using technology to create revenue opportunities is NOT just for the big brands of the world. We make it simple to develop software technology, mobile apps, and websites while providing excellent service from right here in the United States. That’s English speaking client support, as well as technical team leads.

Let the Mobile Sophisticate add more dollars to your bottom-line by monetizing your ideas with technology.

Desktop workstation

We make our clients a priority with ongoing support.

Team member working on a design

As technology offers customers a 24-hour access pass into your business, the Mobile Sophisticate gives clients peace of mind with ongoing support-VIP style. Whether you need an additional button for the screen, a change in font size and design, or assistance with adding features, the red-carpet treatment is the standard for us!

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