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Affiliate Manager

We’re looking for someone to lead our Partner Affiliate program.  Our rapidly expanding software agency is seeking a highly motivated and organized individual to start and manage our affiliate programs.

Your duties will include:

  • Build and maintain customer relationships in order to understand their needs and business priorities.
  • Provide excellent customer service to maintain existing affiliates and acquire new affiliates.
  • Handle business deal tracking, monitoring, closing, and other related activities as needed.
  • Coordinate with various teams to address affiliate needs in accurate and timely manner.
  • Implement affiliate marketing activity including email campaigns, newsletters, blog, etc to increase revenue targets.
  • Recommend process improvements to increase revenue targets.
  • Perform new customer acquisition through research, referrals, networking, cold calling, data feeds and emails.
  • Set marketing and sales goals to achieve revenue growth.
  • Provide training on affiliate management as needed.
  • Maintain open communication with all affiliates on the day-to-day issues.
  • Develop business strategies to improve affiliate program.
  • Stay current with trends in affiliate marketing and identify new opportunities.
  • Organize and coordinate trade shows and other promotional activities for product launches and specials.
  • Work with management team to execute and close new affiliate deals.
  • Communicate with new and existing affiliates regarding upcoming promotions and optimization opportunities.
  • Creating marketing materials or affiliate (or managing another freelancer, where appropriate). Materials include brandable report, five emails, five social media blurbs and five graphical ads (e.g., banners).

We are seeking someone with the following qualification and skills:

  • A bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising or a similar field and
  • At least 1 year experience as an affiliate marketer.

Bonus if you already have contacts in online marketing that you can recruit to the team!

Marketing Consultant

Our rapidly expanding software development agency needs a creative and innovative Marketing Consultant for a 3 month Brand Awareness and Growth project. We’re interested in expanding our marketing plan into both online, offline television, and radio initiatives., and we need someone who has extensive experience with various marketing channels. The ideal candidate will understand the software and mobile app development industry and know how to set our agency and brands apart from extensive competition.

Responsibilities include:

  • Set and achieve strategic goals related to social media metrics, television advertising and marketing campaign initiatives
  • Design and improve upon marketing campaigns for each aspect of our company and upcoming launches
  • Create and propagate an enthusiastic brand message that will resonate with our target demographic
  • Follow up with sponsors and influencers, social media strategies and other components of the marketing plan
  • Collaborate with sales, marketing, advertising, product design and product development team members to planning promotional marketing campaigns
  • Creating editorial and content creation calendars for various media platforms and outlets
  • Assisting with the design, negotiation and placement of billboards, traditional media ads and email blasts
  • Producing a style guide that best captures the company or client’s voice and mission (launch specific)
  • Conducting market research to determine a target audience’s needs, wants, habits, interests and other relevant factors used in creating targeted marketing campaigns
  • Researching previous successful campaigns to understand what worked, what didn’t and what can be improved
  • Reviewing the progress and success of a campaign, making adjustments or pitching ideas for a new campaign as necessary
  • Crafting a marketing strategy. This could be an overall marketing strategy, or a specific strategy, etc. You can also hire someone to implement these strategies.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing required (MBA preferred)
  • 10+ years experience in marketing and/or advertising
  • Strong leadership and project development skills
  • Effective writing, speaking, presenting and active listening skills
  • Good interpersonal skills, including the ability to collaborate with management, team members

Nice to Haves:

  • Master’s degree a plus
  • Proven experience as a media buyer
  • Willingness and ability to travel
  • Established press and media contacts

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Don't miss out!

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